Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

Hyvää ja onnellista uutta vuotta 2018 ! Feliz  Y Prospero año nuevo por los todos!! Happy and good new year to everybody!!!


Saturday morning, sleeping late, taking my time, making my mark and building my own history writing, what alternatives does apoor artist have? Taking second job just to survive is only second best choice, and I canät go back to that road again, I already give the "best years of my life" to working on meaningless staerdy jobs, just to earn my living, BUT I couldn't be happy with that decicion. I was too young to understand the best for me, couldn't fight for my right to be free, individual, artist by nature, not by choice, it's like being gay, YOU can't choose to be, you just are or are not. Artist I mean, hehe!! ;)))))

Finding out how stressful and annoying can inking be, heh, hoped that X-mas break could ease little, and it did but still it's hard work to get this album finished and printed in Summer of '18.

Reading lot biographies, just finished Lemmy by Mick Wall, that was alright, only the translating wasn't good enuff...now Steven Tyler's in his own words is way much better, although he got annoying manner of sopreading his thoughts and timetravel abit too much and spoiling the suspense by quoting his life up to next, coming, why, wonder I....thinking about death and life, years I still got, years I've spent, the lifechanging subject, love I had, given, took, had, broken, satisfied, pleasure and pains, buses and trains and aeroplanes, take me far away, love is in the air, but air is frozen, muhahahahahaaa!!

Thanks to all loved ones, I met. You make life worth to live.

19.1.2018 Friday afternoon, had the sleeplessness til 5 in the morning, so now I'm all fuzzyhead trying to clear up and get on back to business, inking king of works, comics mix of text and pics, mayber I'll be a poet  or rocket scientist or maybe Tarzan or copwboy on my kids list of best of professions, yeah right, keep my up all night thinking....

 what not to do, well, insomnia is cruel and vicious health problem, I do not recommend play on it on anyone, over twentyfour years old...


<-- new versions of Tom Waits classic album coming up soon, 11 first tracks are in the can, and rest shall be before February shows us it's pretty face and propably another cold breeze. This is my album covering sessions number two as I did Muddy Waters double album Fathers And Sons some 5 years ago... it came enuff good, but I might do it all over for third(?) time, anytime soon when I feel like it. Yes, feelings rule my world order, not capitalist and coin laundrymat, washing money, corrupted interrupted criminals in every govermental institute, nut cases making the decicion for us,

 so don't come whining if you just voted acapitalist to taking care of your taxes and pay check, check out their politics before you say I do.... believe in you. Politics the dirtiest game on earth, gladly taking all your tax money and wassted on war machines, billion dollar aeroplanes, REALLY? with 50 billion THEY could erase the poverty NOW and  for good on Finlandia!!! Damn idiots, afraid of sovjet red army to invade us from the border with II World War tanks, right?

 Think again, who you want to lead this country and where? Nato? Kissing your Nato veto ass? Jeeeeeeesus, help us.

18.1.2018 Thursday morning, rained more snow so it's wintertime again, kids can go skating and skiing, I don't "waste" my time on sports cause my knees say no thank you, you can't run, but you can hide beneath of large clothes, haha... well, my diet starting soon, next week and stopping in March and Tampere Kuplii festival weekend, plan is to lose another 10 kilos. And as I did lost 18 last Fall/Autumn I know I can do it, not just the preptalk. And doing it or the right reasons, better health and the obvious looking good on my tight jeans, muhahahahaa, and especially without 'em!! :D

 Recording project going on nicely, well, the album is full of crazy tunes, but I'll soldier on it, although next one is a ballad where I shall replace paino with my guitar tracks, just that shall rearrenege it to different style constantly, rebuilding the feeling and mood, that's where I aim, get the song right where it hits you in heart, gives you a smile or a tear jerked of........f. I know I don't get all english lyrics, the way the native brooklynian can get it in Nueva York, but I'll do my best impersonating as Jack King can, do... and di finally the album with 25 songs of " Jack King Best of 2018" CD format, that is, and it was hard to choose just 25 from 160 songs, leaving more than 100 songs in dark. Well, I could do like Neil Young release 'em all in net for free... but I wanna do like Neil and earn aranch and couple of millions first, and then paly ecohippie the rst of my life!! ;)


Wednesday morning, going to see doctor with all my cribbles and hurts and fears, what I might have and especially the knees, are they still strong enuff to walk on or do I have to replace 'em with metal or plastic ones? So all the answers coming within an hour or after the visit, well, haven't been in heath center and doctor's room for a loooooooooooooooong time, years rolled and passed by without having taking care or getting any flu shots, too stupid to get those, knocking on wood, hoping the best, results and hoping been just exagereting the illness, well...

 I do believe in normal western science and medication system oh health issues, voodoo healing and cannabis relaxation ain't my style, I might be hoochie coochie man, hah, but I believe in facts and reality on these serious matters. So "doctor doctor gimme the news, I got a bad case of loving you", muhahahaaa!!! ;) Oh, youth hits on sweet rock'n'roll music..

 Yesterday I did record one of the weirdest cover songs, EVER!!! Coming to be in my Vale Muriations album, soon!! ;)

16.1.2018 Tuesday morning, colder wind and some freezing blow against the face, on earth, Finally got back on inking and continuing the story, a life line to me, illustrating been since 1973, so it's like 45 years on the edge of the pencil and paper cuts, watering the holes colours since 1978, that's another 40 years waisted on artful life. Artist is the only profession I've ever wanted to be, don't know if cowboy or indian can be concidered as professions? 

 Police and robbers, was one of those childhood plays and games, which way you chooze, booze or tea, whatever you wanted to be, rich man, poor man, beggar or thief, been there and done that. Money didn't brought me happiness, maybe it was just the timing was wrong, can it ever be right? Maybe that few seconds when I was the winner at 21st of November 2011. Top of the world, best of all. Am I true Finnish hero, true junkie's zero, false news and alternative facts, riddled puzzled crazy lazy weirdo bimbo limbo..........?

Is that what I am, or am I just pulling your leg, crossed my heart, hoped to die if I lie..........?!?

 Another morning wondering what happens, snow slowly falls, it won't think it just flies and dies, with the Springtime, sunshine, all the plants and flowers bloom, if they can, what is there to understand, life lasts, life dies, sky cries, time waits for someone, but me, Iwait for the time, to be right. Gimme a break, gimme a steak, gimme love, gimme gimme gimme, anything but another Abba song to blur me thoughts.


Monday morning, getting back toworking routines and methods, weekdays calling me to working hard for every illustration I make has got my all ability, my skills, my knowledge on every aspect of life spent on the wrong side of the tracks. Nowadays this life feels almost too easy, muhahahhaa, well, I'm fastest man in west to forget all my troubles I('ve) face(d) EVERY day, still haven't found what I'm looking for, oh yeah, I do love to steal lyrics from songs to describe my moods and feelings.

 Oh sweet rock'n'roll music and blues who saved me from disco crap, and punk that separate me fro that greasy 50's rockabilly wave, back in 1979. Being 15 year old is/was that bittersweet experience between adulthood and being kid, fooling around, trying to find a place and room for myself, and the wonderous thoughts that born, in fresh, lil boy's head. Oh the sexuality's  raising hard on every boy, (hehe) and rocking my balls, first ever orgasms and fellings in love. Love run me, ran me, and shall run me til the end.

Life is strange battlefield of emotinal decicions and crazy dreams, everyday problems and compromises in family life, if you ain't no dictator, and I ain't no.............................


...nice guy after all!! ;)


Sunday morning, waking up as we usually do, getting outt bed and drank some cups of coffee with lotsa heated milk, I like having my cafe con leche, every morning, but of course it don't taste same as it did in Marbella sun back in 1986, hehe, well as someone sings in a song, I did LIVE on coffee and cigarettes, weeks I only eat sudden hamburger or sandwich leftover, from eaten dish from my moroccoan friend Ahmed, not the Ahne one, hehe...

....but read all about it on Spanish Sauna Trip within 8 months pregnancy my next "baby" coming out on August 2018, and for sale in September at Helsinki Comics festival.

 My life is kinda easily predictable nowadays, as all I do is ink, draw, write, comics and art of nudies ; sing, play music, record hit reords and try to lose some weight again, after X-mas indulge, and going to see the doctor about my worn out knees and all the other old age problems, checking out cancers possibilities too, as I really don't wanna die... anytime soon, or ever!!!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Above my next/on going second project of tom waitsian song LP, full length record, 6 song already done and "in the can"! Very challenging and interesting mission, and finally reading whadda hell HE sings on 'em weirdest of the strange lyrics, hehe!! Tom Waits is just incredible maestro, musical and lyrical genius of one of the kind. And although I'd love to KNOW what he really means in his songs, I do understand the excitement of MYSTERY he likes to leave us poundering, yeah it's more intriguiding and well, exciting, not to really know is it true or not.... 

 Thank you Mr. Waits for inspiration and various deep emotions for last 34 years, I've been digging you and your excellent music, no matter how crazy it seems or sounds, muhahahahaa. Some people spend all their lives trying to be unique and special, and then there's Tom Waits, and some other artists who don't have to TRY, they just ARE.

That's the lil difference on being , be one or be just wanna be.

13.1.2018 Saturday morning, waking up and wondering how this world surprises yuo when you least expect it, connecting people from long time ago, past is calling and I hope it's all good news, well mysterious lady got my attencion, so now we shall see where do it lead, wher does this world lead us....?

 Questions for leaders of the world, politicians, do you leave all the power to 'em? I decided to take a leap and leak 25 years ago in August I shall celebrate my quarter century as an artist, ana ss artist too, and especially vbullshit artist!! ;) Muhahahahaaa!!

<--- Found an old and rare foto of me , showing my dragon tattoo too, in Sicilian beach, Summer of 1991, just a year or two before my artistic life begun. I remember those sicilian beaches were not free, you have to pay to get in, or there was one free beach and there was like dirt, trasha nd syrines in waterfront, yac, and I do remember how quiet it got when we walked inside to this beach cafeteria, where a real life (looking hard like a mafioso) head of a family and his family round the table  looked at our tattoos, huh, .............I started to speak Finnish as soon as påossible, and the mafia man realized we're not some tattooed criminals there to take "care of his family", muhahhaaa, but just tourists, phiuff, that was close, shave, hehehehe...!  So I wish you a happy weekend, wether you're a Sicilian mafioso or not!! ;)

12.1.2018 Friday, here again, thinking bout my future and works, which ones never worked, which still give me pleasure, even just to think, ama I pleased to been thru so many different professions and lousy jobs, and all the asshole vain and strickt bosses, who gave me hard time, was it worth to go thru, would I be diiferent if I'd went thru different jobs, different times and measures, and would I work for money.............................................. still, just to get paid on job, I hate. Wait a minute and think.....













...again. No, I wouldn't if I'd know all I know know, I wouldn't waste 10 years in stupid ass jobs. My sickness took away my youth's best years, working for the man, suits, official bastards in charge, but as usual I can't go back, can't change my past, but can take care of my future, read this as another bullshit empowering speech, if YOU will, I don't care, this is my life and I decide which way I spend it, on and on. Life is best well worn and used. It got no price tag, no glossy mag cover, no vanity fair is fair, no love is never meaningless or waste......................d. Killed by death we all shall be. So let's enjoy while it last, everyday may be your last. Surviving another bluesy news, another rockin soldier of fortune dead.....

Life took away another amigo, third and last of the legendary Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, RIP.

 No Sleep Til Hammersmith was my first Motörhead LP, and my second best ever gig after Bob Marley gotta be, Motörhead in Helsnki Ice hall 1981. When I was just 17. Furious and drunk's best good time band, alive. Above my own foto from same Helsinki Ice hall 2015. Just few days befor Lemmy left us, I still got emotional and tearry eyed, for the loss and sadness, death is just so unfair,

like life is too. RIP Original three amigos!! <3 <3 <3

11.1.2018 Thursday morning,glad that yesterday is gone, I went and talk with this here town worker about my employment businesse, and as usual it was good...

 for nothing. "Funny" how they can't understand WHAT I want to do, and what not, and people like me who don't care about MONEY, ypu can stick back to your black hole where all your ideas seems to come. Oh, this life in this land, which is mostly very fine, cold and miserable but well meaning, honest folks, but also total idiots and jerks and lawobeing "good citizens" that take your breath away, they take your money, time and joy de vivre, yes, there are assholes, in every land, every town, every street, every year,

 makin YOUR life difficult, trying to make me average guy, getting average wages in avereage, meaningless) jobs, but yesterday I stood up and said, no thank you, I've done my part of stupid slave jobs, that make this world go round, but only the owners and rich people get wealthy with their "work", and that is so wrong. Gimme back the communism and eqwual share of that american pie, now.....

 and not just the fifteenth day!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Sometimes it's hard to be/feel like the motherless boy in this cruel world. World you got troubles, and if you don't do anything it just doubles. RyToo many peiople in too little assets, and too many poor coutries abused by us wealthy countries big international companies, that's the real problem, but hey, let's concentrate on trivial troubles and leave human rights and fair trades and markets, where they now are...


 up your ass. Excuse my french: oui, oui, oui, are the world.

10.1.2018 Wednesday morning, mistty foggy morning, wintertime so long lasting, and me just starting to hybernite and finding it hard to get back to illsurate, so I made this Nanna Gibson portrait, within 3 ½ day, sitting by my old architects table, that has saved me from bad backaches, most of the time.

 Most of my times I enjoy living, mu daily routines to help me get inspired and sit on the workstool. On conteraray to this here govermental case Juhana Vartiainen's thoughts "that everybody is lazy", I ain't lazy, or avoiding HARD labour. I've worked my ass off, since I was 18, and graduated from school, back in 1982, soon it's 36 years ago, so my career is middle aged, too, muhahahaa!! :)

 Finally make peace with neighbour that I was somehow lil wrongly accusing, about accusing our dogs barking all night long within nameless signature letter. Well mistakes happen and this time I was wrong, sorry about that, saying like former minister when caught with his pants down, lying... . Well, I still can hold the grudge against 'em assholes next door, making our life miserable, in ways they act, and attack us, and never apoligize, that's wrong, and hurtful, I gotta apoligize IF I do wrong, it eats me up, if I don't.......................................but within same breath of fresh air i had to admit, maybe some ain't worth the apoligize after all, like nazis in employment offices, AND that's what I'm going to find out within next hours, report coming later on!! ;)

9.1.2018 Progressive rock drawing evolution on soft pencils 1B, 2B and 3B, and might slide a whip of  4B too, reach the blackness!! I do believe in facts, the more you do better you get off at the end! After 40 years of pencilworks, I'm strating to feel I handle this:

Tuesday morning, life goes on no matter what the govermental idiots make up  in their ugly heads, poor unemployed suffers more every day, force feeding job applicationts down the trhroats ain't gonna save this land. Such a shortsighted and visonless actions. Maybe it's the twisted philosophy that YOU could force people to take any job anywhere this land, asking OTHERS do what you ain't willing to do yourself, that's the problem.

 Blindfolded in ivory tower, leading to more troubles, not less by punishment and bullying, less fortunated, yes, thank you capitalist, without you this world could have a chance, for humankind be human kind, not mean and evil. Oh well, hopefully I can do what I've planned and my comics and artistic nudies shall be international success!! That's all I want, in my business, there's no snow business like show business!!! ;) )))))))



Monday morning, sun and me getting up, luckily still got the electricity and me going on, didn't hear no hurricane wind as it supposedly went thru these parts at night. A good night's sleep is so important and valuable to mental health, can't live without it, really. Serious as a heart attack and straight as barb wire, life is full of surprises and mixture of average everyday avengers and dull repetition, work never stops, it just varies and evolutes to different kinda job, and work, work work til you die. Morbid nightmares and rosy daydreams, mixed emotions, fixed broken leaking hearts, fuel running out, tears dry by themselves. oh well me I'm running with and against myself, for sure, ain't no competition in art or life, except against yourself and that's the hardest race ever.

7.1.2018 Sunday morning, sun shining from very long time, glimpse of hope and springtime flowing, but the temperature sinking below zero, as the feeling go too, when meeting cold people, but hey, not going there now, again, haha... oh I wish I could pick up my neighbours too, hehe,... but I'm just a poor boy longing for my cowgirl love days, muhahahaa, well guess I'm a liar cause ain't yearning back the days gone past, let it be there, let it rot and let them good times roll, on today and tomorrow. I don't mind looking back, remembering, nostalgic trips on memory lane, ain't nothing wrong there...

 can't go back, can't change past, couldn't care less, hehehe... well YOU can always care less, but got no interest on dwelling in past, rather write it down and put it up for YOu to read. Kids who weren't even born when I was in Spain, living the streets and back alleys in Madrid 31 year ago, oh, long time or age don't make anyone specially good or wise, automathically, you just get old, wrinkled and tired, need a nap and soft bed and decent food, and some money to spend, shopping and buying your stairways to heaven, maybe. Maybe you do know what you do, maybe you never bother to think it over, before this trip is over, and it's too late to do, anything but fade away,..

 but until then I'll fight for my rights and freedom, time waits for no one except maybe Tom Waits, hehehee!!! :)

6.1.2018 Saturday morning, taking it easy, getting ready for sauna and not tpo be winner of lotto, damn it's not right, never win on those lotteries, I could use a million or two easily on living in this expensive land and world, would be better place if had some  trillions to spend on vanity and saving the planet, in my point of view, being good samatarian for homeless, jobless, poor...

..................................................or be like normal millionaires and not give a fuck about anybody else, but YOUR family...?

 Oh well, I don't have no money, so I don't have no problems where to spend it on, or save it, hahaha!! Let it roll like a rolling stone, catch no moss. Just live on the life you love, be a blues singer and casanova NOW, if you please, and want it, cause you'll regret only the things you didn't do, while you could, yeah morning philosophy for nice womanizers!! ;)

Sketching just for the fun...











and the pleasure is all mine!! :)








Here's todays progress and program:


 Scanned enuff fo one day's "work", as this ain't counted as work cause nobody pays me nothing for anything.... before this piece is bought and sold, and I'll be multimillionaire, bitch!! ;)

5.1.2018 Friday morning, trying to get back in mood for ilustrating naked ladies, heh, I know it's a many men's dream job, but it takes some effort too, to have fun with it all day, or week long, I have some drawing that has stayed in pencil state,, cause they look better unfinished than propably would with water colours or finished with all shadowing and valours, some work is just meant to left undone...

 til the day comes, that'll I see the heavenly light and CAQN finish all half done sketches, haha. Well, another official city counsil employtment worker approached me, so I'll have to go thru another desperate interview how should I make tons of money in every month, and not have status of unemployment riff raff... hah, good luck with it, I think I'll lay all my cards on the table, and go to get an report from doctor's office about my health in my worn out l knees and crazy head, that should do the trick. Arbeit macht frei, thanks to this governmental laws and orders, and the fucking "active model" for unemployment poor part of this sick capitalist elite. Yuo're a psycopath IF YOU CAN'T see the others proplems or have no empathy, sympathy, care for poor and needed, poverty is a crime, I get that way too clear, thanks to ones in power, nobody WANTS to be poor and on the mercy of welfare station worker, like nazis they think the unworking parts of society haS TO BE  erased.


So it's Friday again, this years first weekend, I think I'll draw some more, "work" not in the sense of employment office, but make  a song or two, illustrate another naked beauty...

 and spend some quality time with X-mas present DVDees, books and the wife, of course!! ;)


Have yourself a great weekend, and fuck the authorities and governmental sickness. Party any how!

4.1.2018 Thursday morning, waking up earlier, trying catch the working hours mood, and not being up all night, doing whatsovers, hah, yes I'm a working class hero, artist natural born lover and ordinary comivs artist per se.

 Dreaming bout future publications and that my art shall provide me great luxury I never had... much, well Iw as wellpaid story board artist some years in late 90's early 2000's, but that momentum never really got back, after I got sick and thse advertisement companies went to bankrupt or evolluted smaller, less work for story boarder or sketcher, for the big bucks...

heh, lucky and priviledged to see that world too, and the more I've seen the moneymaking world, the less I want to be there chasing rainbows and dragons, and the next big catch and success. That's the wrong with capitalists world, taking and usiong more than yopu need, wanting imposible and dreaming big is alright, but spending millions on advertisements is just and purely sick and insane, muhahahaa, guess I won't be drawing any Rolls Royce and luis Vuitoon advertisement story boards anytime soon,and guess what...?


 I don't give a shit. It's not money I'm working for! If you know what I mean! ;)

3.1.2018 Wednesday afternoon, sleeping the dust off of my trip to Helsinki by bus, bus was full so I had to sit next to older lady, who was sewing there, so we exchange so kind words, and strated to talking... the rest of two hour bus ride, hah, that went great, time flew and soon I was making my purchases and ran into spanish speaking fellows in book store, so of course I fell into conversation with 'em, with my rusted spanish, hah, so now I was double happy, and went ot buy two brushes at Tempera, as it's the only shop selling my brand of weasel fur brushes of Raphael Kolinsky's number 1 and 2. I'm not a slightest snob, but in brushes I prefer only the best,as it effects so strongly on the inked lines and the way I do my comics. So I visit record store Äx on my way back to Kamppi and bought some CDees on sale, and ask half jokingly , "do I get reduce from reduced price",

 and people it's  always wise to ask, you just might get what you want!! ;) I had some time still to kill, so I went to Kampintorin second hand book store, where I haven't visited, like 30 years, and bought a foto book of friend of a dead friend Jönssi's, we'll see if it's next year x-mas present or not, but all in all: great visit to capitol and succesful shopping trip. Now today I have an idea of Angels And Devils serie, that's what I'll draw before I'll dive and swim into the rest of the 50 some pages to ink to print condition, yeah, maybe this lil x-mas time holidaying was helpful, and needed to rest my motörhead, running in high speed by all natural, born to be wild but innocent, hard working not hardly working, bending the twisted phrases, accidentally inventing new words and phrases, not bending over,

 you. I'm pretty free and innocent, with work I never steal, beg or borrow, well I didn't do it in the streets of Spain where I lived without a penny, peseta or dollar,

...but that's just the story that waits for you in Spanish Sauna Trip in August this year!! :)


Waking up late and planning atrip to Helsinki, so gotta go and move when time feels right, spending my days in vain just to pass this holiday season and trying to focus on valuable things in life, that can't measured in numbers or cash, tell tha to my neighbours who seem tohave their eyes on my cattle and live stock, muhhahahahhahaa, jeesus, theys still live in biblical truth, and stone age, stoned to death, dumb and blind, may have been once a good way to go, but nowadays you can open your eyes and see...

 life is beautiful, no matter how ugly is your neighbour and his wife. Ugly, mean and just bad manners makes you disgusting, while you might dress latest fashion or buy the newest model cars, bikes and other gadgets good for the 12 year old, in your sick little brat mind. Too bad I end up with most vicious and twisted neighbours, can't be my fault if my neighbour is bastard, egotripped used houses sales man, not even fuinny liker Phil Dunphy in Modern family, which is our favourite TV show, just watched the season 8 thru, last night, our lil x-mas tradition in here Forzzalandia. 8 x-mas nad 8 Modern family seasons, funny how life is and imitates the TV show, hehehehehe... well, propably the writers do imitate their own and neighbour lives.

1.1.2018 Later on this beautiful afternoon I went and did my THIS year's FIRST song, recorded acoustic guitars, electric bass and screaming vocals over the drum tracks, I actually recorded the day before yesterday, but don't tell anybody, haha... everything might NOT be what it looks like in the first glance!! ;)


 Oh well, having agood time, no matter what! Time is right for music revolution and politically incorrect songs, and revenge is sweeter than ever, just you wait, I'' do you when time is right, and you least expected, the masked rider with dark horse gets you by surprise, muhahahhahahahahhahahahahhhaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

1.1.2018 Wishing all great new year with very happy endings and beginnings, wa got very easy change on year yesterday, went to se some fireworks, but thinking some of it's shine went alredy on 6th of December out into sky with 100 anniversay of this poor country. No real new year resolutions on my behalf, except getting in even better shape physically, mentally I'm damaged case, muhahahaa... nt much you can do on that department, except new set of brains, which today's surgery can't do.... lotta love and lotta good things you can do, like not barking and disturbing your neighbours by letter complaining that dog do bark!!!! I used to study lil psycology at school way back, and learn some of the standards like IF YOU corner a rat. it shall attack you, remember this my neighbour, ...and fellow man read your good books, if you're idiot who can't tell right from wrong. Well, we had few good months NOT to seeing this here asshole neighbour or his abusive language using kids, but then he  makes these last days of year a nightmare, so fuck you, if you ain't got no sense, heart or understanding. Take alokk at yourselöf, before YOU accuse me, samd CCR 50 years ago, nuthing has changed, a man a fool still, envy his neighbour, too bad I'm only one in this street got into newspapers whenever I publish a book or music, or whatever. Jealousy, the Finns favourite hobby, sin and sparetime activity. F. O. family R*****ö of Forzza. And very bad new year to all your family, hope you filthy bastards get sick and die, with most paindful way...................................

unlesss you'll become a man, grow apair, and apoligize, that's all you have to do to make up all the pain and misery YOU have cost, with your outrageously bad behaviour, who do you think YOU are? You lousy motherfucking realstater and your fat ugly and stupid wife, a kindergarden worker, do you THINK you are the cream of this society, two lousy workers snobbing with all the newest gadgets, your brother's company money can buy?!?

 I pity the fool, but not you ignorant aggressive blockhead with your baby faced pinoccio nose up in the air, you know what you do wrong, but you don't care, so fuck off. So this is how "fine moods" you created Mr. R****ö, just mind your own business LIKE all we other neighbours do. Live an let live, or pay the price for your actions. I ain't gonna hurt or attack you ever, like you've done to us, so take another long hard look at yourselves and think is it really worth to have an ongoing quarrel (for ever) with your next door neighbour?

 "Oh what a wonderful world this could be if we only give it a chance and lots more people would love eachother..."

(L. Armstrong)

Here we go again, towards great new year, day by day til the victory! Remember love and care, especially the ones you do love and care. This foto below was too much for Facebook, again, I got banned for showing lil tits and black bush, oh yes I do understand the american double standards: it OK to blow amans head with rifle, but not to show any pubic hair or a nipple...

so happy I do live in Europe, privilegded to real news, information, schooling, evolution no theory, climate change's effects and what do you should shame, and especially waht not, little nudity NEVER kill no one. But does it make life better and more interesting.... yes it does! So, long live freedom, to speech and see naked ladies, if we please!!! Better this year than last!