Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

BLOGS OF YEAR 2019. With Parental advisory for language unsuitable for kids, you can fly to Huitsin Nevada, if you can't take the truth and saying like it is!!! Others welcome to my diary, of the mad mad man of the Finnish comics scene, and most underground comics in deed!! ;) Read before leap! See before believe! Trust truth before lies!! ;)

19.1.2019 Saturday afternoon, hybernating like a bear, heh, sleeping good and long as bears do all winter. It's our tenth year in Forssa city citizen, in next June. Lotsa things happened while we've been here, and been productive with illustrations too. Working hard to hardly working, and all stations between. Artist life turn out to be reality with poor man's dreams, got what I want, do what I please, sleep when tired, going places and meeting when possible and within reach.








<-- newest of the new album pencilworks, productive all weekdays and reasting my cases on weekend like respectful folk do, haha!! ;)











Okey, I'm still fuzzy bear from sleep, drinking my "morning coffee", as soon as I wake up. Getting older got my routines deeper and harder to quit......................! Trying to live in peace and with one I love, ain't too easy all the time, hah, she a handful of whole lotta love and troubles too!! ;)

But I love her.

18.1.2019 Friday morning, off to work like a dog, slept like  a log, not so long but enuff...




...looks like a cold cold winterly day, but maybe sunshine gimme vitamin Dee, and smile on your face. ave yourself a great weekend!!





<--- plot thickens, whose behind the door and why??? Mystery stories of the real life, yeah why would I lie?

... when I can tell the truth...! Ain't no prophet, ain't no teacher, just  man wuth the story to tell, that's all,

and ability to draw it like nobody,


 my not his story, just my history!! ;) Word play, play worth to live for.

17.1.2019 Thursday morn... afternoon, I'm turning versus vampire as I'm wake all night, sleep all day like good old Hanoi Rocks did in their prime....

 ...some sweet 30 years ago, hah. Well, the snow storm of the century was like 10 cm huge pile of new snow, hopefully no one drown on snowfall, nor avalanched death  today.  Drivers with too tight schedules in their cars be careful, as usual it's slippery when...







<---I keep on living my life and Autumn 33 years ago! Oh mty comics life, Golden Youth part 4. Reality's angry bites and lovely ladies love.......... so sacred, my heart still beats for the love, life and love life!! ;)


I'm in the mood for drawing all the not so inspiring happenings and months BEFORE I'll get back in....



 ..........Spain and adventures continue crazy and wild, juts you wait!!!!!! :) It's gonna be hard times and high voltage dangerous curves and evil nighthoods, in small town maniacs, in the eas coast of Spain, like you never heard before, and that' a promise!


 Vamos a la España 1986 y 1987 tambien, tiempos locos y salvages!! ;)

16.1.2019 Wednesday and getting up, late but as I've told you before, this here artist boy, does whatever he pleases, whenever and with whomever, hah, all this artistic freedom and timetable flexibility, year here or two there, book, it's finished when it's all done and ready for...




...public eye, and publishing prints. A book takes to bare few years with my style of first drawing pencils ALL the pages, then ink 'em, and watching if there's a need for extra pages, and only then texting and finalizing comes in hand, and it has worked for 20 soem odd years, so why change it while it's working out, fine?!?


<--- realtionshipping and love stories, as usual, hah, all I care s love and affection, all I had was love.

Poor man is the one without any...




... one to love. So that'll make me rich, bitch, hah, rich man!!! ;)

15.1.2019 Tuesday watched (again) Godfather II til early hours, as Santa brought all those 3 Godfather-movies, and them are great, although almost remembering ALL the lines, jokes and phrases and even scenes, but it's pure geniousity from Coppola, one of those old time classic directors in his prime. Very inspirational to make my own album, although I am very bad for stealing scenes or methods from other movies, making my own scenes as comics ain't exccatly same as cinemaphotography: no moving parts in comic book, except pages but the action is imaginatinery, the drawing that appears to catch the moving parts and pace in language, oh we all know this, don't we?



So I continued my album yesterday with two archs of horizontal page ½'s, that'll leave me doing 400 pages to get 200 for print, and finished book. It's a heavy load and huge pile of sh.........ots in the dark, hoping it'll be a complete story and adventure, like you never seen, nor me, in comics book culture, making new stuff, surprising the mass and thrill all readers with reality that bites........................................ you in the ass.


What's important in comics drawing to me? Answering my own questions like fool: emotions, face expressions, hands underlining the effect, body statures telling more than words,

 words are cheap and only silver,

 seriously right image and the ability to show it all, is gold, style and methods are natural born, I got NO reason to imitate any drawer at this point of my life and career, heh.... Uderzo, Hal Foster, R. Crumb and Manara are all great idols of my youth, but if taht all you see in my drawing, I'm sorry for you....


...r one wooden eye dimension. :D Let's involve to evolution of comics and times; trying to love every day and everyday routines, like drawing comics!! ;)

14.1.2019 Monday and soon gotta sign in to Tampere Kuplii comics festival, for March 23rd and 24th, it's my 7th time in a row there, I like the feeling and the comics people there. Still on my morning coffee cup, I can win every time, if you catch my drift, get the message not too well hidden, hah. Happy to be starting the weekly project to draw the Spanish ****** Blues album, I ve been dreaming to do, like last 26 years, so finally I'll do the ALBUM, I've always wanted to do, and giving it all the time it needs, so it a relief factor to lose invalid stress for the publising date, hehe, I am talking to myself as well as you my dear readers in millions of well citizens of hundreds of countries round the globe, this here world wide web, is kinda cool thang!! ;)


<-- second paper of new adventures of Spanish Tripping part 2.!


Been thinking too much about death and losing and giving up, vanishing the planet and life on it, past and future, and that ever escaping moment of present time. Can't catch it, no matter how I try. It makes me wonder WHY: I do draw so much, so fast, so instinctinly, so deep cuts, as I can ? Answers, might lay in truth that wasted days of adult man working in dull unmeaningful jobs for all those yaers 1982-1993. Yes I lost 10 years of the best days of my life, fuck if can't use it somehow on comics books, I'll be damned if I ever let go, stop, take a holiday or pause of drawing..................................................................................................................................................... so what am I gonna do?

 Live the life I love and draw like maniac!! ;)

13.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, slept again long and tall, dreams insane, but me feeling quite relaxed. Watched Bowie document Last Five Years last night, and listening now Bowie's Pin Ups CD, this cover album I've liked since I bought it 1982 or so, even dyed my hair in orange just because digging Bowie so much the same year just before graduation day, and refused to cut my hair short- made my mother cry for diappointment: couldn't be the nice little gray houseclean mouse, like all the other members in our band...

Oh I did felt superior even then, I was the man, they were boys, I think. Stubborn as hell, horny like the devil, in need of better affairs and wish to go foreign stands too, much have water run under the bridge, many moon turn, soon I'll be all grown up, but my mind want to be the age that it wants, too. Dunno excatly what am I writing anymore, is this the automatic instintc writing, am I shaman or just nuts. I'd bet on nuttery, hahahahaa!!!!!! ;)


<-- here's the first session of this new year drawings (date:4.1.'19) for printable state and form: 2 A3-size aquarelle papers for one A4 size print, as this is my nowadays normal method, to have lotsa stuff happening in one page, give the readers as much as possible, and more...



    ....to think and see. Comics are visible art, mostly, and especailly in my case teh text is there just to underline and clear my thoughts and the timing the age and decade, and sometimes just to mix and fuzz your head, haha!! ;)

12.1.2019 Saturday morning, waking up into clear frozen air of this countryside town. Dogs barking innocent bybicyclers, fresh air stands still, and sky is blue again after so mant cloudy smoggy days. I've been recovering the funeral blues, gotta admit it hit me although no tears were involved, yet. Life must go on, I must enjoy the life, I must find new inspiration and succesful bisiness plan, hehe, oh, yes, the business amn in me is very quiet and shy kind, although I KNOW my value and skills. Must believe that someday I get what I deserve, and plenty of it, haha... gimme all your money honey!!! :D





<<- newest pencilworks from yesterday, as I said I was slaving for this new stuff, that'll eventually blow your mind, nickers and head to billion star spangled dollar bills, baby!! ;)))))

...on next Spanish ****** Blues -album, for your eyes only!! ;)

 Guess I have reached the point of were I'm quite satisfied with my drawing, BUT I wanna be better,

 better than anyone I know, hah, listening Tina Turner's album Foreign Affair, simply the best...






 ..........mother I ever had!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

11.1.2019 Friday and off to work camp slavery, hehe...





....have yourself a GREAT

weekend, in any which possible way you choose to lose your blues!! :)



<-- my record cover art version number 666! ;)

10.1.2019 Thursday morning, woke up late, got my lacks of sleep finally slept away, and all the tears I've swept away, oh, just wrote a new song lyrics, on this sentence: I've found out I have to write immediately WHEN the spur of moment hits, or lose the text forever. Sometimes it's golden, sometimes just rust and better leave outta touch, hah, well, I do compose so much music I usually USE every lyric I got, even the silliest and most naive blues boy lyrics. It all depends on HOW I feel awhile singing the tune. My way is the fastest as I don't even try the melody forehand: I just press th rec-button and let it all out of lungs, I'm a good ol' timer blues screamer, but I wanna learn sing more delicante and quieter, hah, mellow and easy, just ain't my cup of tea, hah.......




...but sometimes the loudest ain't the best, and that I've been practising now 1 year since I bought my cheap Cort acoustic guitar, but I love my electric guitar solos and riffs, too much to gave up all. So as usual both sides is better than one!! ;) Hard and mellow, rhythm and blues, yes, as what it meant back in 60's and 70's. I'd love to love NEW (pop)music but it's too simple and personal young girls troubled minds whining or just party rap, that doesn't  ewoke any good feelings on me. I got no problem to live in my own red hot and blues bubble, and rock out with my cock out ( quote: Lemmy), is I please!!! ;)

Just do it motherfucker, and whine not!! ;)

9.1.2019 Wednesday morning, despite of the fear of repeating myself I gotta tell I'm getting better day by day, as I think I had aX-mas and funeral exhaustion going on, without realizing it myself, huh, my health is not what I worry much, except these extra heavy weight kilos, I wanna lose, soon, heh, might be boring you with this tale also before, haha...




...and boring people is not what I aim, nor writing boring kids tales, fiction novels about made up people in made up world life, ain't no fiction, life is bread and butter, cola and diamonds, water and fire, love and hate.



 Don't care if I ain't understood, just gotta tell it like it is, truth won't burn in fire, and it water tight and solid gold. Silence is only silver, lies are bronze and rest ain't worth a fuck! ;)








Freedom fighter til the end and natural born lover, that's enuff. You fight your own silly little wars and economy crises  and fucking luxury oil your hips, to dance the night away!! :))))))))))))))

8.1.2019 Tuesday morning, some more snow and the trees look soft and mellow, and fairy tailish, if I had any strength I'd go and foto 'em before it melts away. But right now I'm still not so recovered of the weekend's happenings. Oh, the wife's kid with his girlfriend were here too, and it tooks some  efforts and mingling too, just tired and sad. Feelings rollercoaster, but not too deep blue.................................s. 





Although recorded the first tune for this year, covering (again!) Muddy Water's Can't Spend What You Ain't Got, which has the message to my late dad, in it's chorus verse: Can't lose something you never had. Also played soem drums too, Motörhead music is my favourite exercise background music, as I do get all sweat and fast perspired-it feels like I've really done and work with my muscles, check out best of Motörhead albums and get inspired: Aftershock, Bastards, Overnight Sensation, Ace Of Spades, Inferno and We Are Mortörhead, all great albums, with no fillers, just killers all album long!!!



New year resolution challenges delayed with fucking funeral fuzz and food.................... but I'll show you how this mute boy sings and fat loses the fat he doesn't need!! ;) Just you wait and see!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !

7.1.2019 Monday morning, this here fuzzyhead still needs a day to recover all the challenges of the weekend, even my body needs rest for sitting in a car driving it on icy roads, you can't let your guard down at all, so 6 hours on concentration and all the father's funeral jive too, it's always stressful to see those old relatives, familiar mostly from my childhood. So it was nice meeting, in awkward situation.

 Now I still wonder shall I GET anything in his last will, and same time doesn't really care or believe to be so lucky, to be remembered in his will........

....that we shall see, and I'll report here soon as possible, heh!! ;)



 Now eeerr. tomorrow to continue the book drawing from sketches to inkable state, all the pages required and then next year inking it to printable, and the year after that 2021 the texting and print in Summer of 2021 !! ;) !!!

6.1.2019 Sunday, funeral and meeting with father's side of relatives went fine. I didn't shed a tear, but that was expected, if not anyone but me...

 Well I did drove soem 6 hours and 600 km so, now very tired and need a little off time, from all, so Tv entertainn me, thank you. As I've already written, composed and sung asong called "Last Will Blues", that's all I'm expecting now: money and all thing glitter from father to son. Amen.



<--- meanwhile I just borrowed the latest of Tina Turner autobiographic book, Her Love Story.......

happening moistly after this foto was talen, I presume, although few rightfull bitter and cruel stories about Ike, too, included, well, hell, I've just started,

after I did read Van Halen book, that was mostly fun and easy reading...


...thanks Santa Claus, keep on rocking with X-mas tree and times forever!! ;)

5.1.2019  Good morning Finland, I'm soon off  to my father's funeral in Karhula, and back later on this eve. Sad day, cold ground, but happy to be able to see some living relatives I usually don't, like, ever see... so farewell to my dad. I take some extra sparetime for driving those 228 km, and back, and wisen up last time borrowed this same car, I got flash stick full of GOOD music, and taking extra coffee breaks too, and takin it easy. And  HOPEFULLY meet the nice family members, not the cruel... hah, can't choose the family and blood relatives,

but can choose friends. Life is pretty good, after all. Wish I 'd live forever, but seems like I have to give that to my art, and hope it will, sweeten your life for next 400 years, at least!!;)

 I'll post later on  a foto. Just you wait and have yourself a great weekend anyway!! :)

4.1.2018 Friday morning and I think I got it made...








...the last of the year before and first of this, pin up your life, baby! ;)

I'll start next fun project and soon be here again!! ;)

3.1.2019 Back in the saddle and drawing table...







...pin up finishing touches, right now and here!! ;)

3.1.2019 Thursday morning, wrote last night the lyrics for song: Slippery When Slope, while watching Amy Winehouse document about makin Back In Black, where someone used that phrase, I keep hearing it alot, so why not use it as title and make some sweet music on it later on. 

My way to make songs is like this: First I've written padful of song lyrics, then I go to recording studio and lay the drums on two tracks or more if necessary. Then I get my guitar or in some cases bass and start to jam with/over drum tracks. Then I double 'em guitratracks for two mastering/mixing tracks, and empty two tracks for vocals, which I sang usually with take one. If I screw up with words, I sang it twice. Then I bounce all 6 tracks again to mastering tracks and burn it to CD, inside of my recorder. If the song if less than 3 minutes, I can sing backgroud vocals or play guitar solo/s, if needed ( and 'em ARE needed every song, haha!!). And this all takes somewhere between 40 minutes to 1 ½ in total, especially if the drum tracks were played the day before, and rest laid another day. And this is the "secret" how I can record and make 158 songs a year (2018), or 160 for year 2017 etc etc... 




( <--- My first ever(!!!!!) sold illustration, of old blues singer Sleepy John Estes. Made when I was just 17 years old, in just two days with crayons back in 1981, sold it same year, so THAT's where my commercial artist time starts: 38 years AGO. Luckily got a chance to buy it back, and now it's hanging on our staircase. )



.....and it's NEVER about quantity. it's the quality where I gave my all, my best. Wether it's comics, art or music, full speed, no mercy. Oh, I made a new song with my great 24-track machine just few days ago, and it sounded way better than it did 3 years ago, when I used it last time before, hah, maybe this old dog has been learning new tricks, haha,


well, I think I might have found my VOICE to sing, although I'd prefer to scream it to tom waits level, before recording my first big hit album for major deal and distributor and world wide tour, hehehehehee...! ; )))))))

2.1.2019 Wednesday morning, snow and freeze out there and here nice and warm and cozy, maybe strating to draw again slowly, hah, as I could do so. I think I only have one switch: on and off, full speed or none. Working slowly and thinking every move just ain't my style, and you can say that of all my actions and moves, haha...

 I almost wonder how I ever get to working in illustrations as you have to sit down and be quite still, when drawing lines, well it's my first love and joy I ever had, now twenty sixth year as in profession of making pictures, illustrating comics and tragedies. Well, I still love deepest the caricatures and potraits of people, animals are fun to draw also, but so much more difficult. To make a picture alive from empty paper and just lines, it's the magic I carve for, work for. Live the life you love, simple facts of  complicated life, hah. Let's make this year better than one before, and my diet just started fine, losing extra weight, on my way to beach fit by Summertime!! ;)






<-- found few illustration  I made for blues harp booklet, from year 1994!!! Here you are!! Dunno what you see in this, but I see that my style was already developed where it still is, although I don't use pens anymore, just brushes to shadowing, too!!

1.1.2019 Happy new year everybody, especially all my friends all over the world, the good music and comics lovers, and lovers of life, equality, truth and kindness. I made just one new yeraresolution...

    ...and you will see WHAT it is, in next months to come, heh, never give up too easily the secrets and plots of the books you're still writing, drawing and making!! ;) Let's work and try to develope together for better understanding and planning the future, taking care the most poorest and kindest...

 of us little illustrators and comics artists, we don't need no more war, nor capitalists to take our time, peace and money. We gotta fight back, and make love, the most valuable thing in our lives again. Life is short enuff to not waste on hate and anger, especially if it can' t be turned into strength, perseverance and doesn't serve purpose of GOOD. If you can't separate the good from bad, take a little self inspections and find yourself, find the time to do NOW what you always wanted, and do not hurt any animal, human or nature, that's my humble new year wish...


 ....and billion dollars in cash!! ;)

Happy New Year Everyboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodyy!! :)