Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

Artist  Jouko Nuora's  CV    years 1963-2019 ,    And...  For all you americans this is my Resume:

19681968Born 1963 to this cold cold ground and land.

Happy childhood in Tapiola Espoo and Summers in granparents farm in Vesilahti. great time and memories.

Youth spent in Espoo and Helsinki,

travelin through

U.S.A. and Europe since 1980.



Located in Forssa " the helvetin tulirotko" since 2009.


Free lancer artist since August, 1993.

1968, the first round of  Batman figures came to land of polarbears and Finland too, a birthday party pic 13th December.

1963 born December, Friday 13th.

1970-1982 School daze. Espoo.

1983 working, constructions. Espoo.

1984 working, Oo Gee restaurant. Helsinki.

1985 working, working postman Haukilahti. Espoo.

1986 working postman and Pesis Bingo, host. Espoo & Helsinki.

1987 workin in Bingo.

1988-1990 unemployment.

1990-1993 working scaffolds builder in Telinekataja.

1993 Since  August 20th been full time free lance illustrator and comics artist.

1994 illustrations

1995 caricatures

1996 comics

1997 paintings

1998 advertisement layouts

1999 pencilworks

2000 t-shirts

2001 book covers

2002 CD covers

2003 ink and brush

2004 watercolours

2005 crayons

2006 Art councelor in east Helsinki. Kindergartens, schools and pensioners and dementics hospitals.

2007 live caricatures

2008 autobiographical comics

2009 moved from Helsinki to Forssa, Finlandia.


2010 married life in paradise and the infernal flamees of Forssa.

2011 awarded with the biggest ever comics prize in Finland, the 100th anniversary of finnish comics competition, Sarjis 2011 "Tee sarjakuva-albumi".

2012 Kultainen Nuoruus premiere more than 900 live caricatures on LIDL Grillimaisterikiertue and another fiestas + lots of other drawings!

2013 Caricatures in LIDL Grillimaisterikiertue second Summer, more than 500 faces drawn. Started a publishing company "PenéLopez" with releasing Nani III +IV! Also available in t-shirts.

Illustration  of Tex Willer in Tex Willer book, one CD cover illustration for Sky Dee and the Demons. First official granted grant from Taiteen edistämiskeskus. Continuing work on Kultainen nuoruus 2 and other comics books.

20th anniversary of being free lancer illustrator Grand Exhibition in Helsinki kirjasto 10 at 19th. August- til 8th of September, 2013.

2014 Nani III+IV  published japanese in  Japan, April ! ;)

2014 Teaching comics from January- April, 2014, in Forssa city, Finland.

2014 Nani Lehmitytön seikkailut the JAPANESE comics book landed on Finland June 2014.

2014 LIDL Grillimaisteri kiertue , thied summer and over 2000 caricature faces drawn.

2014 Nani  Cowgirl I & II  Manic Desperado double album, (re-issues) first time officially in english!!!

2015 Kultturin Löytöretket broschure illustrations for culture events in Forssa and nearby areas.

2015 Caricatures at LIDL Grillimaisteri tour. The FIRST FINNISH official championship of grilling chosen at 12th July 2015!!

2016 Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2.

2017 Kultainen Nuoruus, Audio Book in Finnish!!


Comics books/ Graphic novels:

1998 Nani Cowgirl

2003 Nani II Manic Desperado

2007 5 fantasiaa, Eläviä kuvia, 8 pages.

2008 Lordi (III) Verensininen, 24 pages.

2010 Leviathon (Kemi album). 16 Comic Strips.

2012 Kultainen Nuoruus. Autobiographical graphic novel. 64 pages.

(winner book of finnish comics 100th anniversary competition 2011 ,

oh, I do keep on repeating myself! ;)).

 2001, 2007, 2009 participating Pahkasika archives reissue compilation books.

2013 Nani III + IV Queen of the Jungle. 110 pages of erotic psycedelic and underground art comics.

2014 Nani lehmitytön seikkailut JAPANESE version. 110 pages. Printed and published in Japan.

2014 Nani Cowgirl I and Nani II Manic Desperado released first time officially in english Autumn,  in a doublecheeseturbodiamond jubileum album 2014 with loads of unseen extra bonus material!

2016 Kultainen Nuoruus 2. . / Golden Youth.Part 2.  115 pages.

2017 Kultainen Nuoruus Audio book. World's first ever audio comics book in Finnish! 95 minutes, double CD. (PeneLopez)

2017 Illustrators 2017.  15th anniversary book of the Finnish Illustrators Association (portfolio book).

2018 Espanjalainen Saunaretki/Spanish Sauna Trip (PeneLopez).( " Kultainen Nuoruus osa/part 3.")

2019 Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. äänikirja, 2 CD  package, coming up at Helsinki comics festival 7.9.2019!



 First published comics 1988 in Länsiväylä magazine.

Illustrations and comics in:

1995-2000, 2012, Pahkasika mag.

1995 Ilta-Sanomat kuukauden kotimainen "Rapua Viroon" Written by Timo Varpio.

1995 City lehti. caricatures.

1995 Pelit lehti. cover etc.

1995-1999 Haloo! caricatures, comics, etc.

1996 Punaniska, comics.

1996 Keräilyn maailma, comics. Written by Timo Varpio.

1997-1999 Telia news. comics. Written by Timo Varpio.

1998-1999 Cosmos, comics, Paro-Diana.

1998 Rytmi, Laila comics.

1998-2000 Like uutiset.

1999-2004 (finnish) Hustler mag. caricatures etc.

2000- Helsingin sanomat , Nyt-liite.

2000 Tähtivaeltaja, cover etc.

2000 Tähdet ja avaruus. illustrations.

2000 Mies mag. comics.

2001 Voima mag. illustrations.

2001 Kauppalehti, illustrations.

2009 Bulevardi mag. Forssanderit comics.

2012 Pahkasika album.

2015 Pahkasika album.



CD Cover illustrations:

1986 Bahamaha, single. Kräk!

1994 Juliet Jonesin sydän, Kuka tekis Hectorin eteiseen? single.

1994 Juliet Jonesin sydän, Joneskaupunki.CD.

1996 Juliet Jonesin sydän, Hai. CD.

1998 Suomirokkia 3, Poko rekords

1999 Suomirokkia 4, Poko rekords

1999 Esa ja Vesa Auringonlaskun ratsastajat. Movie soundtrack.

1999 Housewife's Choice, EP cover.

2000 Suomirokkia 5, Poko rekords

2001 Suomirokkia 6, Poko rekords

2002 Suomirokkia 7, Poko rekords

2003 Suomirokkia 8, Poko rekords

2010 Sky Dee and the Demons Vol. 3 : inner sleeve band potraits. Stupido records.

2013 Sky Dee and the Demons, Just Like That. Stupido records. CD.



Comics  & other originals

1992 Imamin keinutuoli, Helsinki.

1996 BE'19 Galleria, Helsinki, Kupla otsassa, with Joonas Savolainen, Tarmo Koivisto, Timo Mäkelä,  Kari T. Leppänen, Ursula Niemistö, Jukka Murtosaari, Sami Toivonen, Timo Kähkönen and me.

1996 Kaapelitehdas Helsinki, 100 th anniversary of comics exhibition.

1999 Pro torni, Helsinki.

2000 Finncon, Helsinki.

2009 Kirjasto 10 Helsinki, Lordi comics originals.

2009 Kirjasto 10 Helsinki, Motörhead vax sculptures.

2013 Kirjasto 10, Helsinki. August 19th. - 8th, September, 2013. 

20th Anniversary as a professional comics artist and illustrator. Originals from 1993 to 2013, exhibition.

2013 20 th Anniverasary originals exhibition part 2 in Kuvittajat ry , Albertinkatu 1.From 1st to 31st October, 2013!

2014 Enkeleitä ja piruja. Tampere, Pub Keidas. Taidetta lähiöihin. Erotic art from 1994-2014. September28th.2014-1.1.12015

2015 ENKELEITÄ JA PIRUJA FORSSASSA! Original erotic nude art from 1994-2014 in Forssa. Kellari-ilmiö, Jan. 9th.- 28th. Feb. 2015

2015 Pahkasika 40 vuotta, comics exhibition in Helsinki, Rööperin taidesalonki 12.8.-30.8.2015.

2015 Kemi sarjakuvakeskus, Pahkasika 40 vuotta! näyttely, October 2015!

2016 Pahkasika 40 V /years näyttely/exhibition in Tampere vapriikki, and Turku!

2018 Nani Cowgirl 20th anniversary exhibition in Pori 20.-21.4.'18

*****Founder member of Finnish Comics Professionals /  Sarjakuvantekijät ry, since 1995.

Member of Kuvittajat ry ( Illustrators  union). Kopiosto, Teosto and Sanasto!!*****












 Me with the ball and friends of our block of flats house and yard, back in 1969!!1969